With the large number of Journals / Conferences being published / organised around the world, with the IEEE name tagged on, it has become important that all submissions to IEEE / IEEExplore be made uniform. It is even more important to realise that a well-formatted, uniformly written paper is likely to create a favourable impression on the reviewers, who are quite often deluged with the number of submissions and who are voluntarily devoting a significant amount of their time and energy to review your papers. Therefore it is necessary that all submissions to INDICON2018, are based on a standard template and that all deviations from this standard be kept to the minimum.

EDAS (which is also IEEE approved) is being used to standardise and ease the manuscript submission process. All authors who are submitting their manuscripts to INDICON 2018 are requested to cooperate by ensuring that all submissions conform to the EDAS template and that instructions are followed strictly. Please check the details that you provide to EDAS, especially the email id, as all further communication will be automatically directed to this id. For your information, a guide to the submission process is made available as a pdf file from this location, while a template for preparing your manuscript as a Word file, can be downloaded from here. Click here for the Conference template in LATEx. If your manuscript is not properly formatted or is in a format that cannot be accepted by EDAS, it is highly likely that it will be rejected, without notice. It is recommended that you prepare your manuscript as an unformatted text file and then, copy and paste directly into the template, renaming it appropriately.

In case you face any difficulty at any point during the submission process, please feel free to email, clearly stating your problem, with possible screenshots. Please be patient in expecting a reply from us - we expect to get back to you within 24hrs.