The annual M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest of the IEEE India Council, has developed into an opportunity for IEEE student members from India, to network amongst themselves and with their seniors in an informal setting and to discuss the latest developments in the areas of engineering and technology. It is also a platform to showcase their achievements and to be recognised for the quality of the work that they have done. The IEEE India Council has decided to integrate the M V Chauhan Student Paper Contest with its flagship International Conference, INDICON, from 2018.

The M V Chauhan Student Paper Contest is distinct from the papers submitted for INDICON2018. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are eligible to participate. An extended abstract / writeup on the B.Tech Project / Master’s Dissertation can be submitted as an entry for the Contest, as per the guidelines given on this website. Shortlisted entries will be invited to make a presentation on their work during INDICON2018, based on which the prize-winning entries will be selected. The IEEE India Council and the organizers of INDICON 2018 reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes, if the entries are not of good quality.

All students – at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels – who have just completed their projects / dissertations are encouraged to submit part or whole of their work, for the M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest. The guidelines for the contest can be found here, while a live template for preparing the manuscript can be downloaded from here. Entries for the contest are to be submitted to Microsoft CMT site which can be accessed at this link.