1. Delegates and other officials checking into the campus for INDICON2018 will need to produce some sort of ID at the security gate, other than the INDICON2018 ticket.
  2. On scrutiny of the tickets at the reception they will be directed to the appropriate accommodation they have booked.
  3. Delegates may contact 9952210034 and 9952280039 for any enquiries about accommodation for men and 9952190026 for all accommodations for women.
  4. The Amrita campus is about 30 km from the Railway Station and about 40 km from the Airport, requiring approximately an hour travel.
  5. There are frequent buses from the city center and the other points from the city, to the locations close to the campus and less frequently directly to the university. Details of the public transport are available elsewhere on the website.
  6. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all delegates of INDICON2018, beginning with the breakfast on December 16, 2018. They will have to manage dinner on their own.
  7. Inaugural ceremony is at 09:00 hrs on December 16, 2018 in the convention center (Amriteshwari Hall). All the delegates are cordially invited for the inaugural function.
  8. Busses will be provided for transporting the delegates and others to and from the campus for the conference banquet at Radisson Blu on December 17, 2018.
  9. A regular shuttle service from the main gate of the campus to the main points including the hostel and the conference venue, will be available once in two hours during the days of the conference.